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Your industrial system integrator in industrial PC technology

UDOO M.2 Dual Ethernet Module

When the M.2 dual Ethernet Module Kit accessory is plugged into M.2 slot CN20, the UDOO X86 board will offer three different Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Screws/Spacers NOT included. The screws/Spacers are included only buying a UDOO X86 Board. The required Screws/Spacers are the following:

M3x12mm Flat head Screw;
6mm Round Spacer;
0.5mm Flat washers;
M3 Hex Nut.

Buy NOW the Screws and spacers kit for M.2 accessories mounting.



An M.2 2260 module, which embeds a PCI-e packet switch. It virtually separates the PCI-e x2 Port, coming from the UDOO X86 board (through M.2 Slot CN20), into two separated PCI-e ports, each one used specifically to manage a Gigabit Ethernet controller. The Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, coming from the controllers, are then carried to a connector type HR;
A 1014WVA-S-2x15P or equivalent (2 x 15p, male, straight, P1, low profile, polarised);
A daughter-board, which mounts a connector identical to that available on the main M.2 module and two RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet connectors with integrated transformer;
Twisted pairs connecting cable, to connect the M.2 module with the daughter-board.