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Your industrial system integrator of industrial PC technology
Your industrial system integrator in industrial PC technology



Almost twice as fast as the MacBook Pro 13", for VR, AR, and AI projects.





The UDOO BOLT is a quantum leap compared to current maker boards: a portable, breakthrough supercomputer that goes up to 3.6 GHz thanks to the brand-new AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SoC, a top-notch, multicore CPU with a mobile GPU on par with GTX 950M and an integrated Arduino™-compatible platform, all wrapped into one.

A monster so powerful that it can handle any current AAA game, delivering an impressive gaming experience at HD framerates.

AAA Gaming, high-end VR, cryptocurrency mining, client-side 3D rendering, AI, IoT, Edge Computing, Computer Vision, Real-Time Big Data analysis: with the UDOO BOLT that’s all within your reach.

A true next-level mobile supercomputer.