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Your industrial system integrator of industrial PC technology
Your industrial system integrator in industrial PC technology
Nijkerk is best performing EMEA partner 2019!

Nijkerk is best performing EMEA partner 2019!

We are very proud to announce that we have been chosen as Best Performing EMEA Partner in the year 2019 by SECO!

We are driven by people and to be precise, people their wishes and what they need to make their company or office more versatile, efficient, safe and automated. SECO is a big player in the world of IoT and automation, so this certificate means that we helped companies worldwide by improving their company with our products. And there is no bigger achievement than this!


It motivates and inspires to continue moving this way and support more and more companies worldwide with improving their daily industrial processes, with the best service

We want to thank Seco for this certificate and our costumers for the trust they have in us.