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Your industrial system integrator of industrial PC technology
Your industrial system integrator in industrial PC technology
Telling all about it: Getac Rugged Computers

Telling all about it: Getac Rugged Computers

A while ago we started a cooperation with Getac Rugged Mobile Solutions. And maybe that does not sound very familiar to you, but that is what we want to change. We are very excited to introduce this whole new product range, full of rugged possibilities with a bigger audience.

Getac has put his footprint on the market in a very unique way. As a developer and manufacturer of rugged tablets, laptops and accessories, they make the difference where many other fail. Because when we say rugged, we mean very rugged.

Think about water resistant, dust resistant, shock and vibration resistant, a unique sunlight-readable capacitive touchscreen and ready to be integrated in vehicles, forklift trucks, transportation, boats and railway. But also swappable batteries that you can change without shutting the device down, the latest Intel processors and UHD Graphics and many security and authentication options.

These are just a few of their many features and possibilities. The possibilities in rugged computers in this form are very rare. The way Getac has worked on performing the extreme expectations for their computers, which this sensitive devices need to have, cannot be achieved without years of experience and expertise.

We think that this in one of the very innovative solutions for companies that want to improve their daily industrial processes and work efficient, but safe. With the needed certifications (MIL-STD/ATEX/IECe zone 2/22 etc.)